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Quark Boosts Artistic Creativity and Productivity for Maximum Design Impact with New QuarkXPress 2024

Visual font palette, GREP support and fast access to centralized image library optimize workflows and bring design visions to life.

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Microsoft Discovery Day: Migrate to Innovate with Windows Server and SQL Server

Discover the tools, programs, and strategies to maximize your ROI in the cloud—and explore how to manage costs, security, and compliance risks. You’ll learn about real-life use cases from Microsoft experts and customers, see demos, and find out how to better manage hybrid and multicloud environments. Move your business forward and inspire innovation through intelligent, cloud-first, fully managed services that help you get the most out of your technology investments.

Who should attend:
Technology decision makers
Business decision makers
Chief financial officers
Chief data officers

After completing this event, you’ll be able to:

Reduce daily IT overhead with cloud automation.
Find efficient and cost-effective paths to the cloud using familiar VMware skills and tools to quickly migrate or extend VMware workloads and modernize virtual desktop workloads.
Mitigate risks from cloud to edge with built-in security and compliance in Azure.
Run your SQL workloads up to five times faster than on AWS and save up to 93 percent when you migrate to Azure SQL.

Web page of event: Microsoft Events - Microsoft Discovery Day: Migrate to Innovate with Windows Server and SQL Server

Microsoft OneDrive

If you have Windows 11, OneDrive is already installed on your PC. If you're using another version of Windows, install OneDrive to get started.


MySQL 8.2.0 is out

The latest release of MySQL (October 25th, 2023) is the second Innovation Release of the most popular Open Source database.

This new evolution release brings us ever closer to the very first MySQL LTS Release!

This new Innovation Release already contains contributions from our great Community. MySQL 8.2.0 contains patches from Meta, Nikolai Kostrigin, Meng-Hsiu Chiang (Amazon), Richard Dang, Shaohua Wang, Hao Lu, Wen He (Tencent), Yin Peng (Tencent) and Daniël van Eeden.

MySQL :: Download MySQL Community Server




Заметки о выпусках Актуального канала - Office release notes | Microsoft Learn



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