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Oracle Releases Java 20

New release delivers seven JDK Enhancement Proposals to increase developer productivity, improve the Java language, and enhance the platform’s performance, stability, and security.

Austin, Texas—March 21, 2023. Oracle today announced the availability of Java 20, the latest version of the world’s number one programming language and development platform. Java 20 (Oracle JDK 20) delivers thousands of performance, stability, and security improvements, including platform enhancements that will help developers improve productivity and drive innovation and growth across their organizations. Oracle is showcasing the latest capabilities in Java 20 during the Java Developer Day that takes place today at the Oracle DevLive Level Up event, which runs March 20-23 at Redwood Shores, CA and online.

“For more than 25 years, Java has empowered developers to design and build the next generation of robust, scalable, and secure applications,” said Georges Saab, senior vice president of development, Java Platform and chair, OpenJDK Governing Board, Oracle. “The innovative new enhancements in Java 20 reflect the vision and invaluable efforts the global Java community has contributed throughout Java’s existence. With the support provided by Oracle’s ongoing Java technology leadership and community stewardship, Java has never been more relevant as a contemporary language and platform that helps developers improve productivity.”

Quark Unleashes Design Efficiency, Accuracy and Productivity with QuarkXPress 2023

Now available with integrated tools for optimal productivity; new photo usability capabilities plus long document support for specialized projects.

Quark Software, the global provider of content design, automation and intelligence software, today announced the release of QuarkXPress 2023. The world’s most powerful page layout and digital publishing software now accelerates design projects by featuring tools for converting book projects to eBooks, plus ‘first-to-market’ Picture Content Variable functionality that simplifies the picture placement process and provides a single point of control over picture updates across multiple layouts. Additionally, new support for long document creations empowers users – from students, independent designers and content design teams – to create and import long documents up to 10,000 pages, a 5x increase from 2,000.

“QuarkXPress 2023 has some excellent new productivity features to support the end-to-end creative process, with the power to deliver projects big and small,” said Deepak Goyal, Sr. Vice President R&D, Quark. “Everything we do is about enhancing the content design process and delivering the capabilities to support the ability to produce and publish brilliant content design ahead of deadline. QuarkXPress gives content designers the power to bring their creativity to life while increasing productivity and ensuring timely output with 100% accuracy.”

PostgreSQL 15.2, 14.7, 13.10, 12.14, and 11.19 Released!

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released an update to all supported versions of PostgreSQL, including 15.2, 14.7, 13.10, 12.14, and 11.19. This release closes one security vulnerability and fixes over 60 bugs reported over the last several months.

For the full list of changes, please review the release notes. You can get the updates on the download page.

15.2 · 2023-02-09 · Notes

Java Platform, Standard Edition 19

Java SE 19.0.1 is the latest release of Java SE Platform. Oracle strongly recommends that all Java SE users upgrade to this release.

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